French courses in companies

Referenced on Data Dock, LiL’Langues is your privileged partner for training your employees in French as a foreign language.

LiL’Langues is the only training centre specialized in teaching French to foreigners with the FLE Quality Label in North-East France. We are one of the few centres to have the highest scores on all the criteria for this certification.

By entrusting us with the training in French of your non-French-speaking employees, you are guaranteed quality training with personalised follow-up, rapid and sustainable progress.

  • Company employees covered by the CPF

  • Company employees not covered by the CPF

All of our premises and our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities. (information:
  • TEF for all audiences (French Evaluation Test): validates a level of French as a foreign language
  • French test approved by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Written (online) and oral test = no charge
  • Needs analysis
  • All levels from complete beginners (A0) to expert (C2)

  • Individual one-to-one training

  • Face-to-face mini-group training (from 3 to 6 employees per group of the same level)

  • The length of the training varies according to the objective of the company and the employee

  • Adapted rates not subject to VAT

  • Personalized program based on the contents of LiL’Langues
  • Program adapted to the level and objectives of the trainee
  • Possibility of doing general French (for everyday life) and/or French on specific objectives (FOS) for a work purpose
  • French-speaking people 
  • Graduated and experienced in French as a foreign language (FLE) (CV and diplomas on request)
  • Titulars at LiL’Langues. No use of individual contractors
  • Created by LiL’Langues to meet your needs
  • Adapted to the level and the training objectives
  • In our offices (20 rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, in Lille)
  • Other locations: charging travel expenses to the company or employee
  • A la carte : Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 8 pm
  • Possibility to postpone a lesson 48 hours before

Advantages of French courses with LiL'Langues

  • Training centre specialized in training French for non-French speakers;
  • Training centre with the FLE Quality Label;
  • 100% one-to-one training for real progress;
  • Flexible and personalized training;
  • In private lessons or in small groups, in a warm setting to encourage learning;
  • A communicative pedagogy;
  • Courses 100% designed by LiL'Langues teachers to ensure constant and sustainable progress;
  • An evaluation throughout the training to follow your progress step by step;
  • Flexible programs to adapt to your objectives and schedule.

They trust us