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Learn French in Lille with LiL’Langues

Curso de francesLearn French in the heart of Lille with our dynamic and innovative teaching based on learning in action that allows constant progress day by day. Through simulation exercises, games, various activities, you can practice writting and speaking, that you just learned. At LiL’Langues, french language is experienced throughout your training to enable you to acquire the keys of written and spoken French.
Groups are small (maximum 12 persons) to enable more effective and personalized learning.
LiL’Langues offers french courses for 6 levels of progression, requiring 8 weeks of training. Those levels follow the progression described by the Common Frame of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Beginners: A1 and A2 (Carfull: for A1, you have to enroll for the full 8-week session see calendar)
  • Intermediate: B1, B1 + and B2
  • Advanced: C1 / C2
Download levels French courses details (in French)

The advantages of learning French in LiL’Langues

  • Small training groups, in a warm and family atmosphere to encourage learning;
  • A communicative pedagogy based on (serious) games;
  • Courses 100% designed by LiL’Langues’ teachers to ensure a sustainable improuvement;
  • Assessments throughout your training to follow step by step your progress;
  • Flexible program to fit you, your goals and your schedule;
  • French courses for all budgets, from 12 / course.

Evaluate your progress

LiL’Langues makes an update with you, on your progress through your training.
  • A writting and oral placement test will be done before you start of your training to determine precisely in which group you will be placed in.
  • Throughout the course your teacher will evaluate you on your participation and motivation.
  • The teacher will give you a small weekly evaluation to measure your progress.
All those evaluations are needed to establish your certificate of the end of your training.

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